Protecting people so they can live and work in a safe environment


The Huxley Hill Group supports employers in protecting their employees, clients’ and organisations from misconduct, injury, and risk.

We set ourselves apart by taking a holistic view and approach to each client’s business.

Over years of conducting investigations, we discovered the same problems needed addressing. When not addressed, these would routinely lead to increased allegations, large payouts and Workers’ Compensation Claims, as well as health and safety risks to staff and clients.

Instead of being called in as a reactive solution, we expanded to include preventative solutions, and provide the expertise and support our clients really need.

We offer short-term services as well as long-term strategies, which are tailored directly to our clients’ business objectives.

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We’re Hiring
We’re Hiring
by Zoe Hill | April 20, 2018 No comments    Zoe Hill

Our tight-knit Mandatory Reporting team are searching for a full time investigator. We don’t mind if you’re based in Newcastle […]

Workplace Bullying: The difference between Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Investigations
Workplace Bullying: The difference between Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Investigations
by Zoe Hill | October 30, 2017 No comments    Zoe Hill

You walk into work Monday morning ready to take on a new week, sit down at your computer and open […]

“Our 2017 survey finds considerable evidence of increasing fraud risk. Significant numbers of respondents do not know about or do not understand compliance policies. A third do not feel comfortable reporting unethical behavior. Many are unaware of key fraud, bribery and corruption risk areas. As a result, as many as two-thirds of APAC employees said they are taking actions that they know are unethical or risky. A quarter says their colleagues are failing to report misconduct. Against a backdrop of economic and geo-political uncertainty, organizations need strong ethical leadership to give employees a better moral compass when making day-to-day workplace decisions.” 


Click Here For The Full 2017 Asia-Pacific Fraud Survey