The Huxley Hill Story

Since 1989, Huxley Hill has been protecting employees, clients, and businesses from misconduct, injury, and risk. We don’t just investigate a claim or an allegation, we take a holistic view.  How did it occur, how long has it been going on, what changes can be made to prevent it happening again?  Gathering and providing valuable information to our clients that drive positive change, culture, and a safe environment for everyone.

The Huxley Hill Group founders Brynley and Jan Hill started the company as a simple husband and wife team in Newcastle. Today we’re a multi-disciplined business with investigators nationwide and offices in Newcastle and Melbourne — we’ve grown by building a team passionate about protecting people and providing exceptional value to our clients.

Over time we have developed an integrative approach that includes Discovery, Collaboration, and Implementation.


Using contemporary investigative methodology we establish facts and evidence in relation to the specific complaint or claim, then extend this further and include gap-analysis to determine where the issue has stemmed from.  Maybe it’s a compliance issue, maybe it’s a lack of understanding, maybe it’s culture.   That’s what we find out.    


The whole way through the investigative and analysis process we keep in contact with our client with updates, discussions, debriefs, and recommendations.  By doing this, our clients have a full understanding of what we’ve uncovered, the implications of same and further support in their decision-making process.


In most instances, future prevention requires change.  To assist in the changes required, we can offer policy review and updates in line with legislation, policy and procedure training, recommendations and advice.  Implementing change correctly leads to increased staff compliance, improved culture and fewer grievances, which ultimately saves time, money and injury.

Although we service many different sectors, we have a deep understanding and passion towards Disability, Aged Care, and Children’s’ Services.  We act as a voice for those who often cannot be heard. We are person-centred and we put the client and/or resident at the centre of each and every investigation we conduct on behalf of your agency. Likewise, we are aware that employees in these sectors have particularly challenging work, and aim to offer support to them as well.

Safety in the workplace should be a focus of every business and it certainly is to us.  We are grateful to have the ability to provide services that help companies do this every day.

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