Surveillance Investigations

A surveillance investigations assists in monitoring ones behaviour, activities or other information. This include physical observation by means of electronic equipment. Surveillance can complement factual or desktop investigations that Huxley Hill undertake.




Factual Investigations

A factual investigation is designed to obtain the facts from each individual regarding a claim that has been made. We gather appropriate evidence and statements depending on the type of claim to be investigated this could also include still photographs. Workers Compensation matters are returned within the legislative time frame for each state across Australia to allow insurers to make a sound liability decision.

Our Additional Value-Add Services Include:

Desktop Investigations

Huxley Hill can undertake a range of desktop investigations looking mainly into the person of interest to uncover any potential suspicious activity regarding what has been claimed. We incorporate all findings in a report. This includes social media, last known addresses and property searches.

Public Liability Investigations

Huxley Hill has experience in addressing all forms of negligence particulars; and provide accurate and detailed investigations into all areas of public liability and insurance claims by providing professional analysis of incidents and cause, identifying potential common law breaches, and establishing defence outcomes, when applicable. Huxley Hill is committed to meeting the requirements and expectations of our clients.

The costs of Workers’ Compensation in Australia are both direct and indirect. The direct costs include premiums paid by employers and payments to injured workers, while the indirect costs take the form of lost productivity, absenteeism & presenteeism, loss of current and future earnings, as well as the cost of providing social welfare programs for injured workers.


Our team of highly qualified investigators operate across NSW, QLD and VIC, both in metropolitan and regional areas. We are affiliated with other contractors nationally, so please do not hesitate to contact us should you require a service in another state or territory.

Learning From Claims

If your company has a claim that needs investigating, who conducts that investigation?  Do you have input into that decision or do you simply leave it up to your insurer?


Let’s say your business has three Workers’ Compensation claims per year that require pending for investigation.  On each occasion, the insurer allocates a different investigator.  Apart from the liability decision and your input into the return to work process, what did you learn from each claim?


– Were any of the three claims linked?

– What was the cause of the claims?

– Are there systemic issues or trends that have been identified?

– Is there a culture issue that needs to be addressed?


Without this information, how will you implement any changes to prevent future claims?  To protect your business from further claims and workplace injuries you need to know what’s going on.   You may want to find out why there have been three psychological injury claims from the one department in the last six months – is there a culture issue?  Do staff understand what performance management or reasonable management action means?  Did one claim get accepted, so other staff are following suit?  What is actually going on?

Using A Preferred Provider

In our experience, the best way to discover those issues above is to have input into who investigates your claims and form a relationship that encourages collaboration and information sharing.


If your claims are allocated to random investigators, you’re going to get random results.  By using the same provider each time, you know what to expect.  We know your company, your procedures, who needs to be spoken to and when.  It saves you time and energy, and you receive feedback into which specific areas need addressing.  Regardless of whether the claim is accepted or not, you need to know what the underlying reason is for its submission in the first place.  It’s not about blame or liability, it’s about protecting your employees and business.

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